How can we help new traders?

In the daily online trading with our students, ASCT Team will be supporting this simple but yet effective technique with some amazing strategies, to insure we are on the right side of the trade. We will be doing everything necessary to insure we hit the trade with the lowest risk possible and the biggest reward.


Explained 6 strategies that work 85% of the time with all their data and how to research them on daily basis.


Trading can be really emotional, you find yourself winning you get greedy and wanting more or you may be in a losing trade with a very small loss you turn it into a big one by getting angry and aggressive, We will be teaching you about the most important rules to control your emotions.


We will teach you about the best brokers and how to use a professional trading platform. We will give you the best broker to paper trade, meaning that we won't allow you to trade for real before you practice and try it with fake money.


ASCT team will make sure to protect you from risking any money before you become comfortable with trading, you will be linked to several paper trading accounts so you can get a sense how trading works and practice before starting your small account.


Everyday a mentor will explain the small caps biggest movers and analyse them so you can learn how to benefit out of them day after day.


Library content explaining everything a trader needs to know about the stock market, from basics to terms to technical analysis and fundamentals.

In order to start trading you need to know everything about trading.

Anyone can trade stocks in the market, all you need is a little bit of knowhow , our mentorship and displence!