About Us

What is Arab Small Capital Traders?

ASCT is a website designed to educate the Arab world, in Arabic and Basic English, about the stock market trading literacy and investment. The innovative platform provides access to a wealth of information online with live mentorship for traders, instead of learning in a traditional class or via books, thus creating a virtual classroom that can be accessed from anywhere in the world and able to archive every content for review and study.

What makes us different?

With a goal of disrupting the trading stock market perception in the Arab world, ASCT is currently the first online small capital stocks trading community with Arabic content.

Given that most financial education systems don’t include a comprehensive stock trading literacy component, our digital platform and unique services have emerged to fill the gap from false campaigns aimed at social media users towards all the struggling traders.

Some students can’t concentrate in noisy classes, others like to study very late or surround themselves with activity to stay motivated. That’s how ASCT gives subscribers the option to learn at their convenience, from their setting of choice.


Build a more diverse, inclusive, and equitable community of professional and profitable Traders in the MENA Region.


Help individuals in the Arab world to learn about the stock market using Arabic language and help them become successful traders and investors.










The tempo trader

I’ve started my trading career in 2016, the trading world has always been something that triggers my curiosity. Back when I started I was alone, scared and unsure with 0 experience to start trading.

I thought the market is for Harvard graduates, math geniuses or rich people! Turned out all you need is knowledge and the right strategy.

Even the ones that ‘claimed to be’ ” Traders” told me so many wrong facts about the trading industry and told me a lot of myths about trading that don’t exist.

I kept on doing my research on my own, and found out about my favorite zone in the stock market, the stocks that are priced between 1$ to 7$ that move faster than the Apple and Microsoft stocks and make much higher profits with less budget ‘(I started with 1500 USD).

In my first trade, I was able to buy a stock called HMNY which was promoting itself as a competitor for Netflix and their stock went from 2 to 42$ in 5 working days, I had invested 400$ only buying 200 shares at 2$ and sold in few days at 43$ gaining more than 8000 USD, at first I couldn’t believe that it’s real and I made all of that by clicking buttons on the internet, I asked my brokerage firm to send me back my profits just to make sure everything was legit. Few days later I got a notification from the bank that an amount of 8400$ is now available in my bank account and on that day I decided that I need to master this low priced stocks and treat this as a job.

By the time I am writing this, there’s 1000s of companies that do similar moves to HMNY. My 6 strategies work perfectly on these stocks on daily basis. These strategies can generate you a stable income and help you improve your quality of life. Join our community today and start your trading journey with us.


entrepreneur at heart

We all have stories. In life’s journey there are many encounters. Some are planned; some are by accident; and some by divine intervention. I was always fascinated by the world of startups and the glamour of being a successful independent entrepreneur. I wanted to be free, creative and successful and most importantly I wanted to leave the routine of 9 to 5 job.

At that time, I was working as an information technology senior trainer with a local NGO. They sent me as representative to an event called ArabNet which rocked my world with all the vibrant atmosphere of startups. I then spotted a competition for startup ideas. I went home having in mind that I want to create something that will win this competition, and that I did!

I created an architectural model in which I did 3D Projection mapping on and called the startup Off The Wall. I went on to create the first hologram in the middle east and win many awards and competitions which led me to one day to actually be a speaker on ArabNet to talk about the success of Off The Wall in the market.

By then Taha introduced me to the world of trading, which was a life changing experience that even made me rethink Off The Wall so that we can actually do an IPO for it.

As I did my research, I found out that Swing Trading and mid-term investments are my area of expertise. Through good research I was able to invest in couple of stocks that went up 300% to 600% in 6 months. ASCT is not just a platform to me and Taha, it’s a dream that came true. We found what we love, and want people to join us to seek their financial independence as we did.