My name is Hassan El Mir
I’m an ASCT Student.

Before joining ASCT I had very limited knowledge of the stock market and how to actually trade to be profitable and was scared of starting to trade in fear of losing my money. Back in May 2020 I finally decided to join ASCT and now almost 5 months later I can say that it most definitely was a great decision. The online teaching video library gave a really good understanding of how to read stock statistics/fundamentals but most importantly how to trade in a smart way and protect your money. But the most valuable part of the community is the chatroom with everyone especially the moderators.

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Ahmad El Mir

A business owner and a trader, Ahmad focuses on technical analysis and fundamentals. He earned a reputation for turning 2000USD into 10000USD in 4 months.

Kamal Moussa

Kamal is a master’s student working on the Youth Entrepreneurial Empowerment. His dream is to be one of the most profit-making traders in the world.

Still in my learning phase, trading a demo account. I can't wait to start my real account soon.”

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Joelle Mouawad ASCT Student

After so many losses in Forex, ASCT has helped me learn how to trade stocks.”

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Ahmad Kaddour ASCT Student

Ara Abadjian

Ara is an MBA graduate, agricultural entrepreneur, and a swing trader. He is currently focusing on 100% daily spikers and studying new trading systems that maximize the efficiency of wealth creation.

Ralph Abi Khalil

Ralph is a serial entrepreneur. He has a master's degree in mechanical engineering and strategic management. His goal is to generate profits consistently by trading penny stocks.

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